Naruto Shippūden Moves To The Magic Kingdom

It’s true. With Cartoon Network finally getting rid of the last of it’s worthy anime, VIZ Media it has officially sold it’s soul to the Mouse. That’s right, starting next month Naruto and Sauske will be kicking it with Micky and Minnie Mouse as the Naruto Shippūden series moves to be aired on Disney XD.

Here is the press release that has been posted on AnimeNewsNetwork.

The Hollywood Reporter newspaper has revealed and Viz Media has confirmed that the Naruto Shippūden anime series will run on the Disney XD channel in the United States starting next month. The sequel series takes place two and a half years after the first Naruto anime series as the older, somewhat more mature title character returns to his village of Konoha and faces the Akatsuki criminal ninja organization. The series has been streaming online on several websites, including ANN, since January.

The first Naruto anime series based on Masashi Kishimoto’s ninja manga ran on the Cartoon Network until this year, shortly after the network had also ended its Toonami programming block. Viz Media publishes the original manga and also releases the DVDs of the anime adaptations.

Disney XD is The Walt Disney Company’s television channel aimed primarily, but not exclusively, to boys. It has also run Digimon: Data Squad and Oban Star-Racers.

This has been a hot topic on quite a few forums. Upon reading this I had my worst fears in my head; that it would have ended up like One Piece which was so badly edited by 4KIDS that FUNimation finally stepped in and saved it. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem that bleak. From what I have read, Disney will just be airing it but VIZ will be doing the dubbing and editing. It turns out that Disney actually owns rights to a lot of anime, their recent one being Inyuasha which will actually be ENDING soon. La shock.

I look forward to see how things with Naruto Shippūden will progress. It will supposedly be in the nightly block where they do have shows for more older viewers which aren’t nearly as “Fluffy Puffy” as Hanna Montana or Jonas Brothers (who have long since sold their soul to the mouse. There is no getting it back for them now.) I myself will most likely end up watching the dubbed online somewhere. I avoid Disney Channel all together now since they got ride of programing worth watching. Ah…Gargoyles…how I miss you so…


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  1. Just wanted to let you know Gargoyles still comes on. Very late but that’s what record is for.

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