Crashing Anime Fannatiku “Rocktober”

Well, I saw that Nat posted on the Anime Utah forums about Their Anime Fannatiku “Rocktober” party they will be hosting October 30th at the Hurricane Public Library. After much deliberation my friend Karson and I decided that we are going to attend for just the hell of it. Maybe mess with the Fannatiku Members just a little bit since they already don’t like us. >:3

Even though we won’t get there until later in the evening we will be dressing up as well in Vampire Knight outfits. Karson will be going as Zero and I will be going as the eccentric Head Master Cross. Antics are sure to arise from this devilish pair! If you wish to come down and see us, here is the below information from their post:

When: October 30th 6pm-10pm
Where: Hurricane Library 36 south 300 west Hurricane Utah 84737
Why: To Rock, and spread the Jrock love!

Why they are having the party the day BEFORE Halloween I will never know. However, this is good for us since we are planning to attend the Halloween Ball at the DSC on the 31st and wear our GOOD Halloween costumes. Heh

(highlight to read)

So anyways, come see us just for the hell of it! We’ll be there around 8:30ish or so since Karson doesn’t get out work until late and he needs to pick me up since my house is on the way. Then if you want more fun, come see us at the College Dance the next day! I’ll be going as a pretty little Gothic Lolita Witch. >w<


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  1. XD I bet crashing will be awesome! XD

  2. >:3 Oooooh! Me and Laura totally plan on crashing it with you! It will be epic. Now what to wear?….

  3. Hiedi should come along too. We’ll make this party hoppin!

  4. Hey yeah! We’d love to see you guys there! The more the Merrier!

    • Awesome! We really can’t wait to come. I’ve been wanting to wear my Cross Cosplay for a while now. >w<

      • Ack! I’m behind in checking your blog! (Sorry!) I can’t wait to see you guys there! And since you’re cosplaying, you get an extra free ticket towards winning the JRock door prizes. (Hmmm. . . maybe I should wear my Yuki Cross costume.)

      • Oh you really should go as Yuki! That would make things so much fun!

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