Favorite VG Tracks of All Times

This isn’t actually what I was planning to post in the blog today but since I pretty much already have it typed up its going in anyways. Heh.

I was posting in this one thread about Favorite Music/Themes from Video Games and I put together a few of my all times favorites and figured I might as well share them with all of you as well. Maybe you’ll find a few new tracks you would like to add to your MP3 player or a few new games to play that you don’t have a hold of yet. Of course, as you know me, I’m going to give my opinion on everything. 😛

Another Side, Another Story – Kingdom Hearts II
The theme that can be heard on everyone’s favorite KH II Spoiler. Many a days I have watched this, waiting for the second game to come out. Now that the game has long since been released, this is still one of my most favorite songs. A bit of a mash up between the Organization XIII Theme (another favorite) and it’s own mix, it is a great song. It of course graces my KH Playlist long with the next song below.
Another Side Another Story Theme

Dive Into The Heart – Kingdom Hearts II
The theme that you hear when your in the stain glass tutorial area. Nice, relaxing yet mysterious. I spent many an hours leveling up here just to listen to this theme along with its battle theme as well. I feel sad when I can’t keeping re-spawning Nobodies/Heartless on account that you only get 3XP each.
Dive Into The Heart Theme

Hear the Cry of the Planet – Final Fantasy VII
My all time favorite VG Song EVER! Quite, mysterious and it fits perfectly as a theme for the City of the Ancients. The original is epic but the redone Voices Of the Life Steam version is Epic win all the way. If you like the Fading Entity remix from Voices of the Lifestream, you can download it and the rest of the Complete Final Fantasy VII Remix Soundtrack for free on their website.
Hear the Cry of the Planet – Original
Hear the Cry of The Planet (Fading Entity) – VoLs Remix

Burn My Dread (Last Battle) – Persona 3
The opening theme for Persona 3, Burn My Dread was epic win to begin with. Now as you face the Final Boss Battle against Death you get an awesome rap mixed with snips from the original song. There are currently two different version of the song, from PS3 and PS3 FES I believe. Below is the one you will find from PS3 FES Edition.
Burn My Dread -Last Battle-

Otherworld – Final Fantasy X
Also known as Braska’s Final Aeon its the song that is played during the boss battle with Jecht. A definite headbanger metal song which is rare to find in Final Fantasy. The perfect song if you just want to rock out or want to relive those boss battle moments.
Otherworld (Braska’s Final Aeon)

Under the Apple Tree – Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
One of my favorite things about Crisis Core (besides having more Zack Fair then one can handle >w<) is all the beautiful guitar pieces. This one is my all time favorite from the game because it captures that feeling which is so Zack and holds the music theme that is throughout the game. This is bound to eventually become my new ring tone. ❤
Under the Apple Tree

Well…that’s all I can come up with at the moment that IS video game related. If you have a favorite Video Game Music/Theme that you would like to share, please comment back with a youtube link! I would love to hear it!


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