Oh My…Curb The Drama Lama

I’ve now set the blog comment posts to all go into approval now due to a lot of drama that has been flying around lately. Before, if you had one approved post, all others would be automatically approved. Well…that was fine until things got out of hand. I won’t open my mouth and say what went down with who and who was all involved, but I’m trying to put a cap in it before it get’s worse and mud starts flying everywhere.

Let’s just say yesterday was our busiest day on this blog with a 108 hits. So far a new record. >w<

Anyways, I fear that face to face meeting with undisclosed party is unavoidable in the near future simply because this town is much to small to do that. Whether or not it will end in conflict I have no idea, but I am planning to be on my best behavior when the time does. I can't say that I've been a perfect angel in the past, but this is all just bull shit. Left over drama bull shit over Yamilia is still flying around a bit too. Sure, I understand that everyone is innocent until proven guilty; doesn't mean we still want anything to do with her.

I'm hoping that come the Christmas months, things will calm down a bit and people will just chill out and relax. =_=


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  1. *pat pats* Tis oki dear. Fights are never black and white. There are always varied shades of grey when it comes down to it.

    Its undisclosed now? You mentioning the party was good advertisement for them. I would never have heard about it otherwise. I think for the most part people are looking at this whole situation wrong. Fannatiku vs Anime St. George. Now why has this turned battle in the first place. We’re all fans with a common interest. We have two cons now, a chance for twice the fun. I know you and Karson have plans to attend Fannatiku, but it seems like Anime St. George has been completely snubbed by Fannatiku.

    Either way you look at it, your not going to the party to start trouble, and I’m going to the party to have fun. If they start anything with you it would be completely unprofessional and totally NOT fun. I’ll just take off if that’s the case.

  2. I do hope that you all attend.

    We are planning on nothing but a fun time, and Axel and I have both spoken on the the whole matter.

    Things are clearing, and its time to forgive and forget.

    We shall join forces to enjoy Anime and Manga together.

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