The New Face of Cloud – FFVII: AC Complete

If you thought Square-Enix already gave us enough Cloud Strife, then you are wrong. With revealing of Zack and  Cloud’s back story in FFVII: Crisis Core, they have remade and re-released a new updated version of Advent Children titled Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.

Don’t be fooled. This just isn’t limited to deleted scenes but new content, more detail, better graphics and just everything to make your inner Final Fantasy Fan girly scream with joy. They are even including full CGI feature “Denzel’s Story” which was only released as a animation short in Japanese.

However…there is one minor catch….FFVII: AC Complete will only be available on Blu Ray Disc. So far all of us out there who cannot afford the $200+ bucks for a Blu Ray Player (myself included T_T) will have to live off of internet clips and online spoilers until someone finally posts the whole move or your able to mooch off of someone else’s Blu Ray player. This epicly sucks but apparently the graphics are kick ass in High Def and Sony wanted to keep it that way. I both curse and applaud you Sony…

But…since I am here to feed your inner Final Fantasy Fan, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t give you something to make you sequel with joy and cry over the fact that you may not have a Blu Ray Player. Below you will find the Official FFVII: ACC Trailer released by Square-Enix in HD (it’s in Japanese mind you but everything is better in Japanese). You will also find a few other epic win video clips that I have included just because they are awesome to watch.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Trailer

The official trailer posted by Square-Enix Japan. Posted in HD

Safe And Sound – Kyosuke Himuro feat. Gerard Way.

The ending song of FFVII:ACC and the song featured in the trailer. Posted in HD.

Complete Cloud Vs. Sephiroth Battle in HD

Some very lovely person posted the whole Cloud Vs. Sephiroth Battle in HD on Youtube. However, to keep Youtube from taking it down, they inverted the video colors but give you instruction on how to change it back.

FFVII: AC Complete – Cloud Vs. Sephiroth

An awesome kick butt, fan made AMV featuring clips from the new battle scene and the rest of the movie.

FFVII:ACC + Crisis Core Fan Made Trailer

Another epic win fan made work that streams clips from Crisis Core and FFVII: ACC together in a short but sweet video.

Please enjoy and if you ever find the full FFVII: ACC movie posted online (or don’t mind someone mooching off of your Blu Ray, heh) Then please let me know! ^_^


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  1. Wow, I didn’t know about this topic until now. Cheers.

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