Contest – The King/Queen of Manga!

Greetings everyone!

While standing in my room this morning, I was looking over my manga collecting, seeing how it has grown in size over the past few weeks after my recent manga crazy. While my collection nearly isn’t as large as Karsons, we could however, between the two of us open a small store. This then gave me an odd idea to spice everyone’s boring holidays up and give everyone a bit of a project. That is why I have now cooked up a little contest to find the King (or Queen) of Manga!

~The Purpose~
The purpose of this contest is to see who out there has the largest manga collection. Even though Karson thinks it’s imposable for any to have a collection larger then he does, it shall be an epic battle now to see if one truly does exist or if Karson simply will have bragging rights forever.

The Contest will run from December 15th, 2009 to January 15th, 2010. The prize will be bragging rights.

~How To Enter~
To start off, simply take a picture of your manga collection and upload it online to a free image hosting site such as Photobucket or Imageshack and post the following information in our comments for this post:

-Your First Name (Or Username):
-Number of Manga You Own:
-Link to Image:

Remember to submit this info by COMMENTING! You DO NOT need to be a WordPress Member to comment so everyone is welcome to join!

-All Manga must be your own. Even though we cannot verify this, we ask that you remove any manga that you may be borrowing from the picture.
-You cannot record any manga you may have bought after you have sent us your entry.
-One Entry Per Person.
-Anime DVDS and Video Games don’t count. Sorry.
-This Contest is for fun so please keep it clean. No Flaming or tossing a fit if you don’t win. Again, it’s all for fun and humor.

With all that being said, I look forward to seeing everyone’s collection! I’ll set up different categories for different winners but of course we will only have one Manga King (or Queen)! I will also be posting a picture of my own collection for the contest!


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Event Planner for Okami Promotions. Plans and coordinates various fandom conventions including: OkamiCon - Mesquite's First Anime, Comic and Gaming Convention. Anime St. George - Southern Utah's Anime Convention.

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  1. hmmm. I think i will enter…I might have to combine shelfs for the pic tho XD

  2. I have taken a photo of all my books! well most of them…some are lent out to ppl. Anyway they are on my floor cuz all the manga were on three different shelves XD so ya…and bad camera shot…my camera sucks at taking pics XD


    • Wow…that is like… at on of books Rhies. I think you might give Nypmnh a run for his money.

      Do you mind giving me the total number of books you have? I think it will take me forever to actually count them from the picture alone.

  3. The total of manga that I have comes to (#515) ^v^ I just went down and counted it all. I mostly own shojo…XD

  4. Wow…..I don’t beleive it. Someone actually has more Manga then Nymph….I wouldn’t think it possible…0_o

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