Anime SG Goes To Myspace

Well, it is now official. I have finally got a Myspace Page for Anime SG. I’ve been meaning to expand onto another networking site recently and after poking around I realized that pretty much EVERYONE is on Myspace. Every voice actor you could hope for, every j-rock band you could dream up and a lot of people who I know who have attended our conventions.

While I had a Myspace page for myself a while back, I mostly created it as a joke and never really logged in or cared about it. Personally, I don’t like Myspace. In my experience it was full of nothing but creeps save for a few good legitimize people. The fact that they also asked you a lot of ‘personal’ questions bothered me on account that my mother brain washed me to never give out anything over the internet (if I did people would come kill me and my family I was told x_x). However, with the start of the convention, it has been somewhat necessarily to give out certain details in order for business. While I still go by a fake name most of the time, I have loosened up quite a bit as of late. I’m also pleased to see that Myspace has put in a lot of new security protocols and updates so it’s not nearly as bad as it was. I have found it to be quite useful.

Don’t get me wrong. I will still use WordPress and Twitter to give out particularly important updates since they stream to the front page, however, I will mirror certain things onto the Myspace Blog for those who follow me. There will also be a calendar on there so you can see all the new recent actives that are planned and cool things going on.

Now! The moment you have been waiting for! The magic link to our new Myspace Page: Anime St. George @ Myspace.

Yes, the profile is made by me and I’m quite proud of it. ❤


About A x e l - F

Event Planner for Okami Promotions. Plans and coordinates various fandom conventions including: OkamiCon - Mesquite's First Anime, Comic and Gaming Convention. Anime St. George - Southern Utah's Anime Convention.

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  1. Make it a Facebook and Im there. lol

  2. Heh, I’ve been thinking about making a facebook page but we are still knocking around the idea. For now we are just using Karson’s Facebook since he has all the contacts on it. 😛

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