First Night – Happy New Year’s Eve

Hey everyone. I’m making this post now since I will most likely be too swamped and too tired to make it tomorrow. This evening, Karson and I are going out for a wonderful dinner at Chillies (thanks to all the points I had from my credit card) and then we will be heading down to Main Street/Town Square for the First Night Celebration.

This will be my first time ever acutally going out on New Years Eve. Growing up in Las Vegas, it simply wasn’t something you did unless you where crazy, had a death wish or were just plain drunk. However, since coming to a small town where most of the population hardly drinks anything stronger then decaf coffee (unless your from again, NV or CA), so I’m permitted to go out and have a good sober time with my friends. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time now and I’m excited for tonight. Better yet, I’m not driving on account that Karson has better experiencing driving with crazies on the road then I do. ❤

Then, for tomorrows festivities, we will be attending the Nihonjin Kai Pot Luck party tomorrow which I’m also looking forward. That evening we then have some kind of ball that I’m attending with my family. Either way, I think this is going to turn out to be one of my best and most memorable and fun New Year’s Eve.

REMEMBER PEOPLE!: If you will be drinking, make sure to appoint a Designated Driver! Do not drive drunk or even if you have just had one drink! Make this holiday safe by staying safe and keeping others safe! If I’m not enough to pound this into your head, perhaps this guy will help…

Never Drink and Drive


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  1. Wooohooo! No worries! No driving here. The party is next door. sounds like you guys will be having fun! be safe. First night is a sea of humanity. So easy to get swept away.

  2. We will and thanks. 🙂 Both of us are big city brats so we know how to handle people. Though, I woudln’t go if it was just me. Safety in numbers!

    Hope you have a great and safe new years eve and enjoy your party!

  3. i was at first night toooo! although i was selling at a booth, trying to earn some cash. the fireworks were right in front of us on top of the parking garage.,,it surprised us all. XD then the drug bust happened to the car next door. XD

  4. Wow! There was a drug bust!? I should of gone. :<

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