To Start Off The New Year…

At last,  2010 has arrived and here is the first post of the new year as well as the new decade! I thank everyone who commented on my last post about the interesting things that went down on First Night that we did not see. Rhies commend to tell us that a drug bust went down in the car next to her event booth that she was running to make some extra pocket money. Just goes to show that no matter where you go, something illegal will always go down on New Year’s Eve. I hope everyone had a safe and fun evening other wise.

Now…as for our own happenings….yes….that was very interesting….

First off, Karson and I went to Chili’s to enjoy a $25 gift card that I had. My good was good and we had a very fine and smexy out waiter serving us (Adam I think his name was?….yummy).  Well, I ordered the chicken wings and my dear friend had the Bacon Burger. Now, keep in mind that Karson ALWAYS orders his meat well done. However, when it was brought out, it turned out to be Medium Rare. Lets just say that I’ve seen Sushi better cooked then that. Damn  thing was practically moo-ing and bucking off his plate. Because of his sensitive stomach, he had to excuse himself to the restroom and we got our entire meal for free.

After that drama settled down, we decided to head to First Night.  What I expected to be the biggest shindig of the year that in past years took up most of the whole downtown area and was on the scale of a college-like party ended up being more like Family Night. I’ve never seen more pre-pubescence since I was one myself. Not being much one for endless hours of DDR and Guitar Hero or face painting, we bought Ramune at Judd’s General Store and headed back to Karson’s place for a few hours of Mario Kart on Wii.

Due to other more private matters which I will not discuses openly, I needed to go home early, about 20mins before Midnight which really was a bit of a downer. Even so, New Years Day was a blast. The Japanese Pot Luck (which I didn’t see any of you there! >_>) was wonderful with some great food and good company. Afterward it was filled with more Mario Kart and Pizza. So really, it wasn’t so bad after all. 😛

-Quick Announcement Note-
Since the 2010 Convention Year is upon us at last, many more updates regarding our convention plannings, dealers and major website updates are going to be coming in. Starting Tuesday (since I’m going to be away from my computer all day Monday), I’ll be sending out emails to all of our previous dealers inviting them back for early dealer registration and setting up open dealer registration. Because we’ve moved our con date from Early October to Late September, registrations for both dealers and pre-registration will be open earlier. This is also because we have more time for planning our second year then we did our first. Our Second Year is already shaping up to be pretty good. We will have an ad running in the other local anime convention Fannatiku Fest, which will hopefully bring in some of their people to our con too.


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