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Twitter, the only web application where you have to sum up what you want to say in 140 characters or less has long since taken the internet by storm. Being a great way to socialize with other users or for businesses sending quick updates to it’s followers, if you don’t tweet now, you will eventually be sucked in.

I found some very interesting Twitter applications yesterday, some them which I knew about for a while, others brand new. I’m going to share them with you today so you too, can pimp out your twitter tweets.

A great in-browser application for the advent tweeter and blogger. You can not only view your tweets and feeds as tabs but you can also keep up on your WordPress Blogs, and even blog from HootSuite itself. Use your OrLy links to follow stats in HootStuite and see which topics are the most clicked on as well as link demographics. Run several accounts from one application and let it do the rest of the work for you. A great application for businesses or the multitasker.

Powered by Google Translator, Twinslator let’s you translate your tweets to almost any language and then will either post the translated tweet to your twitter account with the native translation or it will just post the new tweet itself. This lets you expand your horizons to your multi-lingual followers or simply let’s you confuse the hell out of your friends. Either way, it is and epic thing to play with.

The best site for twitter theme customization I have ever seen. Not only does it have a wide array of patterns and styles, but it also lets you customize the color theme of each patter just how you want it. Even upload your own image for a personal flare. Swap pallets by dragging and dropping to see millions of possible choices you can have to pimp out your twitter profile. You can even play with it before you log into your account and really start messing around: Themeolon

Tweety Got Back
Not really one who likes to work on every single detail of your twitter profile? Then Tweety Got Back is for you. Thousands of preset themes that are easy to add with just a point and a click and there you go! From Football to Valentines Day, you will most likely find it on there.

Friend Or Follow
Wanna know if the people you are following are following you back or to see which ones of your fans your following? Just input your twitter username (or any username for that matter, because no log-in is required) and it will tell you exactly who is returning the follow favor and who is not. It even allows you to bug these people with a handy little tweet. 😉

Don’t you just hate those random people who follow you and fall off? Wanna know exactly who it is falling off your list? Now with Qwitter, simply put in your username and email and it will send you a nifty little email when someone unfollows you. Perhaps it was something you said? It will even tell you what your last tweet that was sent before they dropped off.


And there you have it everyone! Some of the best and most helpful twitter tools to help you manage and pimp out your tweets! Enjoy and don’t forget to follow us on our own twitter page. You know you want to!: Anime SG on Twitter


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Event Planner for Okami Promotions. Plans and coordinates various fandom conventions including: OkamiCon - Mesquite's First Anime, Comic and Gaming Convention. Anime St. George - Southern Utah's Anime Convention.

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