Fanatic for Fannatiku – Kuroshitsuji Craze

Well….The Fannatiku Fest is a week and a half away….and we still aren’t completely ready yet. Our street style clothes are all finished but we still need to touch up some wigs later this week. Also practicing our skit needs to get done very very soon since we need to be able to pull it off well and figure out what we are going to do. >< I also noticed last week how much taller my cosplay partner really is. It is a good thing height doesn’t effect cosplays very much on account, character wise, I’m suppose to be taller than him, while Karson, person wise, looks like he can eat me for breakfast. X_x It will be very interesting how our skit and things turn out.

In other news, I’ve been on a big Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) craze recently. It has already become a cult anime and still has yet to be licensed and dubbed in the US. Rumors went around that FUNimation picked it up but I have yet been able to confirm it. Chances are if they haven’t now, they will someday. The anime is truly a work of epicness and while I have only flipped through the manga, it seems to be one of those few and rare occasions when the manga and anime follow each other extremely closely. My mother also managed to talk me into learning how to sew simply so I can make myself a Ceil Phantomhive cosplay from the show. Normally they are very detailed outfits and tend to run quite expensive for a well made cosplay online, but she says it will be much cheaper and easier for just to make one myself with her help. One outfit is no harder than another so she says. I have never been much one for sewing, but now since this is something that I really want, I’m going to end up sticking to it. ❤


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  1. That’s kewl that your gunna sew your own stuff! XD its fun and yet can get madening at times….XD
    this anime Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) would be fun to cosplay as a group i say!

    • I’m excited to get started. My mom says that the dress I want to start off with will take a lot of fabric but it won’t be hard.

      It would be epic if we all did a group cosplay! I want to go as some variation of Ciel Phantomhive and Karson wants to go as Grell the Reaper. I think we should plan a group even for it.

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