Phantom Cosplay: KH at Fannatiku Fest

Greetings Cosplay Lovers!

Fannatiku Fest 2010 is only about two days away and final costume preparations are coming together. Karson and I are going out this evening when he gets off work so we can get some make up  for our Axel and Demyx cosplays. Since most of the members of Phantom Cosplay (as far as I know)  have Kingdom Hearts cosplay, we will be meeting at Fannatiku Fest on Friday and Saturday for a Kingdom Hearts Group Cosplay. Next week over Spring Break we will be having a Kingdom Hearts Photoshoot but we are still decided an exact date which will be posted shortly.

Until then, here is our plans for the weekend convention festivities:

Karson and I will arrive about Noon at the con. For the first half of the day until the Masquerade we will be wearing our Organization XIII Black Coats. Around 2PM we are going to stop by the KH Gathering that will be taking place there. Before the J-Rock Dance we will change into our KH Street-Style Outfits and rock out.

Because Karson is working Saturday Morning, we won’t arrive until shortly after 1PM. We are going Street-Style that afternoon until RIGHT before the Cosplay Masquerade when we will change into our Orgy XIII Coats (yes, I just called them Orgy)  and preform our super-secrete-skit-of-complete-awesomeness. 😛

Craziness is guaranteed to ensue with our group. Some of us are going to pay for admission while others are just going to hang out with us in the lobby so please feel free to dress up in your best Kingdom Hearts garb and come and join us.  Chances are with Karson and I being yaoi lovers, there may even be a bit of pairing between our favorite Fire and Ice Boys, Axel and Demy. ❤


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