Convention Report – Fannatiku Fest 2010

Well everyone, we are back from Fannatiku Fest 2010 with our review of the con that took place at St George  Holiday Inn. Karson and I attended both days and even took Best Cosplay in the Video Game Category for our Kingdom Hearts Cosplay and Men in Black skit. Our ad in their program also turned out well so we where pleased to see that.

First Day – Friday
Sadly, Friday was a bit of a bust. There wasn’t very many people at all and in my opinion, not much to do. We made sure to go see the “So You Think You Can Sparkle?” Panel that was put on by one of our friends and a fan favorite panel we had at our con. Other then that, none of the other panels really appealed to us (including the guest of honor panels). We pretty much just browsed the dealers and artists booth and hung out with some of our friends in the lobby.We participated in the Chibi Masquerade which was a non-judged event so we let loose a little bit and did a mash up of Coin Operated Boy. We then stayed a little bit for the dance but headed home early.

Second Day – Saturday
We arrived a little later this day then we did on Friday since Karson had to work until 1:00 so we arrived about 1:30PM in our street outfits. I dropped off our skit music to Sarah Hall (who I might ad is totally epic for all she did to help us out) and bought what last few things we wanted from the dealers room. I found it quite odd that the dealers started packing up in the middle of the day and if you didn’t get what you wanted then, you could forget about getting it at all. >.< Thankfully, I was able to pick up a keyblade for $35 bucks which is a lot less then you will ever find it anywhere else. Anywhoo… after lunch, we changed into our Organization XIII Coats and attended one of our favorite panels, the Anime Dating Game. It wasn’t too bad overall but lacked a lot of the energy that the panel had last year. I felt that the crowed was a lot less ‘involved’ then in previous Fannatiku Dating Game Panels so it didn’t have the lack luster that last years did. It did, however, manage to fill the time since we didn’t have much interest to see the Guests of Honor. After the Dating Game, we had our interview with the Masquerade Judges (who where so wonderful to sit and chat with) which apparently went well since Karson and I won Best Cosplay in Video Game Category for our Demyx and Axel Kingdom Hearts Cosplay respectively. Our “Men In Black” skit also went well and we got quite a few compliments on it afterward.  After awards where given out, it was time for us to pack up and go home and get much needed sleep.

Overall Fannatiku Fest 2010 wasn’t bad in the least but in my opinion, not as good as Fannatiku Fest 2009 which was single day at the Hilton Garden Hotel. Sarah Hall was truly wonderful with helping us out with our cosplay entries and did a great job on the Masquerade. The Masq Judges where wonderful and a joy to talk to. Sadly, I hardly ever saw the Anime Fannatiku Founder, Natalie Daniel who I would have very much liked to talk to about her convention, our upcoming con and perhaps how we could work together to bring the anime community together with both conventions.


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Event Planner for Okami Promotions. Plans and coordinates various fandom conventions including: OkamiCon - Mesquite's First Anime, Comic and Gaming Convention. Anime St. George - Southern Utah's Anime Convention.

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  1. Karsons_Fangirl

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help on my wig! I love you both forever and your MIB skit was amazing. Karson was hilarious as the clueless dancer in the background. I nearly died of giggles when he started doing “Thriller.”

    And, I’m glad you enjoyed our “Sparkle” panel.

    -Tamaki (The Epic Fail Ninja, and Karson’s personal fangirl.)

  2. Thankies and your very welcome! Your wig was fun to work on and I’m glad you enjoyed our skit. ❤ I'm going to have to get that video from your mom so I can acutally watch it myself and see the crazyness. 😛

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