Phantom Cosplay Added To Official Site

Found the time to do some more updates on the main site today as well as overhaul the Phantom Cosplay Group pages here on the blog. Here is what’s new.

– Phantom Cosplay Information Page –
An information page about Phantom Cosplay has been added to the Official Anime SG website along with a few of my favorite pictures of yours truly to catch the eye and draw people in. Any additional pages for the group will be found here on the blog only. This is simply a portal page that lets people know about our group, the high points of it and where they can go to join.

– Phantom Cosplay Sign Up Page –
The Group Sign Up Page has been fixed so now it’s easier to submit a request to join as well as make sure the requests go to one spot and aren’t floating around all over facebook, the blog and Buddha knows where else. Also added some minor requirements to membership. We would like members to be at least 18 years of age or older although SOME exceptions MAY be made if we say, know the minor individual and know that the minor’s parents won’t sue us for anything. >.<

– Phantom Cosplay Members Page –
This page was screaming for a make over and at last it got it. Everything has been completely overhauled and made to look pretty and pleasant to the eye. Instead of having a lot of information that would be a pain to keep updated, it’s now simple and kept to a streamline minimum. Name, Age, Website, Current Project, Favorite Cosplay and small Bio along with a mug shot of the member in cosplay are what have been added to the member’s info. I’ve filled out the info on our current members to the best of my knowledge. I figured if they want it updated, and filled in, then they can ask me to do so.

So those are the updates that have been made today and they have been a long time coming. Hopefully now, our group will continue to grow and expand until we are so epic awesomeness we blow everyone’s minds. >w<


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