Stats Rocks My Socks!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! (At least I think that is what today is….)

I got online to check Twitter and the blog today and was very happy and a little surprise at what I saw. Last week was our busiest week since the start of this blog and yesterday was almost our busiest day as well, falling only 4 views short of the current record holder. For those who might be interested, here are our current stats for the blog:

Total Views: 7,893
Yesterday: 105
Busiest day: 109 (Thursday, October 22, 2009)

Most Popular Pages of All Time:
Japanese Fashion Press: Ganguro Girls (3,017)
Home page (1,419)
Cosplay Resources (1,414)

Top Referrers of All Times: Thread – Cosplay Magic or Moon Costumes (172) Thread – Cosplay Magic Review (139)
Anime SG Website RSS Feed (135)

Top Search Terms of All Times:

ganguro (1,234)
yamanba (363)
ganguro girls (178)

Top Links Clicked of All Time:
Fan Plus Friend – (328)
Cosplay House – (222)
Hello Cosplay – (214)

Pretty impressive isn’t it? ~_o
I actually didn’t take a good look at them until today. I knew we got quite a few hits but I didn’t know how many on actual pages, search terms and everything else of all times. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

I hope you have enjoyed this trivial moment brought to you by Anime SG! It’s because of all the people who read this blog that those stats are as cool looking as they are. Thanks everyone! ❤


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  1. yap, I so samething currently I have open page of

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