New Website and Event Updates

*collapses on floor* Finally got a lot of new updates I spent the past two days working on. Here is what you can expect:

Panel and Event Information
I’ve added a new feature to our online panel and event schedule. Now you will see that each event we have listed is marked with a link. Click on that link and a nifty little window will open, giving you all of the information regarding the event/panel. This includes summery, who is hosting the panel, when it starts and approximate time when it ends. Once you are doing with the window, click in the Window Begone! Link and it will automatically close. You will need to have Java script enabled on your computer but other then that it should work with all browsers including the older ones. People with high security settings in EI will get the ActiveX thing but most people just enable it anyways.

The screening list still isn’t up yet. I’ve sent the permission in to FUNimation and as soon as they are approved, I will post the the information on the schedule.

Also, the Cosplay Makeup panel has been changed to Anime/Manga Genres. We haven’t gotten a panel confirmation from the guy who was suppose to do the Cosplay Makeup while we have already had a confirmation for the Anime/Manga Genres.

Phantom Cosplay Page
The Phantom Cosplay Page on the main website has been updated. It now includes the Phantom Cosplay International section for those who are outside of the Utah Area or outside the United States for that matter. Now those people can also participate by joining our DeviantArt Group of Phantom Cosplay.

Myself as Headmaster Cross

Also added to the Phantom Cosplay page is Phantom Cosplay at Anime St. George. Recently the main staff (i.e. Karson and I) have been doing themed cosplays for the convention. This year we are doing Vampire Knight are are inviting everyone else to feel free to put on their best Vampire Knight Cosplays and join us.

I also added this picture of me to the Phantom Cosplay page next to the post about us doing the themed cosplay. I’m such a nut and it’s such a silly picture but it fits Headmaster Cross to a T. It’s kind of funny though how it doesn’t even look like me. XD

Masquerade Page Update
Apparently people have been having a hard time understanding that you DON’T need to do a skit to enter the Masq or the Cosplay Contest. Walking on stage, showing off your costume and walking off is just fine. Just make sure you mention in the comments when signing up that you do not want to go on stage. You can also enter the Cosplay Contest with out doing the Masq event though it will give the judges a better chance to see your costume, thus may increasing your chances at winning. I don’t know why people keep having a hard time understanding this. =_=

Remember to sign up online now to make sure you get a spot because only 20 entries for both the Cosplay Contest and Masq will be accepted. If we do not fill up before the day of the convention, you will be able to sign up at the front desk but you may not be able to bring music if you are doing a skit if you sign up the day of. So if you plan on doing the full enchilada, it would be wise to get your entry form and music in early.

Twitter Lists
Made some interesting Twitter Lists the other day for the hell of it. There is one featuring Manga/Anime Publishers, one for Online Anime and Video Game Media and one for Anime Conventions Worldwide. Just click the link to follow one of this list. Some of the people on them are pretty cool. If your on twitter and not following AnimeSG you should be!


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Event Planner for Okami Promotions. Plans and coordinates various fandom conventions including: OkamiCon - Mesquite's First Anime, Comic and Gaming Convention. Anime St. George - Southern Utah's Anime Convention.

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