Design Samples for Next Year

I think I really need to stop listening to my mother’s opinions (or asking for them for that matter). It put together my design idea for website next year and showed them to her….She hated it. Said it was too washed out and needed to be darker and have more color and that I should invert the design. So I completely redid everything and then asked what she thought. Better…but still needs more color. Our Mascots are too gloomy and that anime is vibrant and full of color!

Of course…I asked her where she got that idea and said she had been watching anime on Syfy channel. I’ve watched anime on syfy channel…it was crap and I doubt she watched all of it.

So anyways, I’m going to let you guys decide. Do you think Falco and Alice are too gloomy and need a new color pallet?
Also, I would like feed back on the two designs that I put together. The first one is based off of the layouts for the blog and twitter (which my mother now just told me she hates and looks like something is wrong with the monitor. Jeez) and the second one is kind of a neon version of the first.

White Ink Splat
Neo Black Ink Splat

So please tell me what you guys think. I personally don’t care for the Neo Black Theme and if you guys don’t like the White Ink Splat, I think I’ll just end up keeping the current webdesign and use the Ink Splat for other themes.


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  1. I personally like the white one better. Too much color on a web page can be somewhat distraction if not pulled off right. Angie would love to help you do a total re-design sometime though. I can handle doing tougher layouts so your imagination can FLYYY! *zoom*

    >,> But yeah, best to go with your gut. The white is best.

    • Thankies. I personally love the White Ink Splat design but eh, my mother gave her opinion, doesn’t mean I have to take it. I’m just curious if it’s two white and if people would rather have the current style. Again, this is why I’m getting feedback before just changing it. >.<

      I might take up your offer on that. I kind of like the simple style since it's a clean code and easy to change. 🙂

  2. I like both but the black looks really cool

  3. I like the white. And I don’t think Falco and Alice look gloomy- EGA and EGL are supposed to be dark! Could always add some dark reds though- might give them a pop without being too cutesy.

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