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One of the things I absolutely love doing after the ASG Con is looking over the Comment Cards that everyone has left. This helps me better determine how Anime SG can be improved in later years and gives me a feel for what everyone liked or did not like. This year I figured I would go over someone Comment Cards I got here on the blog and give some feedback on them right now.

It seems a few people mistook the comment cards for reviews on the Cherry Limeaid booth and put down things they would like to see at the booth itself. *sweat drop* Thankfully some people actually put some in our comment box and filled out most of the info on the card. So…let’s get down to it shall we?

Name: Anonymous (Requester wished to have his/her name removed)
What Did You Like Best?: Anonymous Comments that he liked our Special Guest and Artists’ best.
What Did you Not Like At All?: Registration was messy
What Would You Like To See Again?: So You Think You Can Sparkle
Comments: [A x e l – F] needs a Mic.
My Reply: *Sweat* Yes…registration did get a bit hectic when the doors were first opened. We where testing out new registration method which will be worked on and refined for next year. Online Pre-registration is also going to be getting a big of an overall to speed things up at the counter and making it easier to separate At-Door registers and those who have already paid. And while I’m not trying to make excuses, we did have a mic but it decided to be evil and not work when we plugged it in. I will most defiantly make sure to have one working for next year. That way I also won’t loose my voice. x_x Thank for the feedback! It really helps!

Name: Tamalyn
What Did You Like Best?: N/A
What Did you Not Like At All?: N/A
What Would You Like To See Again?: N/A
Comments: You Need to figure in a time for people to eat. Either to go get something or see if you can have food vendors come.
My Reply: That’s a great idea Tamalyn. After thinking it over, a half hour for lunch and a half hour for dinner would be easy to figure in and would not only give myself and our staff a break but would also not make people choose between life giving substance and the next panel they would like to see. As much as we would love to have food vendors come, unfortunately the hotel does not allow us to have outside food unless they provide it themselves. We have worked out a deal with the Abbey Inn, however, so that everyone will be able to attend the hotel breakfast buffet in the morning for a small fee at the front hotel desk.

Name: Jaclyn
What Did You Like Best?: Watching Competitions
What Did you Not Like At All?: N/A
What Would You Like To See Again?: The Dating Game
Comments: It was fun but I would recommend advertising more so there is more people.
My Reply: I feel the need to comment on this one just because I found her comment interesting. While I do agree with you to a point Jaclyn, advertising is not as easy as it looks, unfortunately. A convention is like a plant. It doesn’t sprout up over night, but takes time to cultivate. Most of the people replied on their registration cards that they found out about us from friends or family (including yourself). This past con was our second year and we more then easily beat our first year in attendance. It also provide to me some valuable statistics that I can use this year for targeted marketing and improving how I do, do my advertising. Thanks for you’re comment Jaclyn, and I hope you will be coming back next year.

Name: Ethan
What Did You Like Best?: The Contests
What Did you Not Like At All?: Some of the blank time.
What Would You Like To See Again?: Dating Game
Comments: Yay Con! I just lost the game.
My Reply: Hehe…Tamlyn asked for more blank time and Ethan asked for less. I suppose schedule blank time doesn’t count?

Name: Brittney
What Did You Like Best?: Shopping / Feeling Normal
What Did you Not Like At All?: Nothing!
What Would You Like To See Again?: N/A
Comments: This is an awesome first expo!
My Reply: This was Brittney’s first anime con and I just had to reply on her comment that one of the things she liked best was feeling normal. I love you feeling normal too Brittney! I have to say that comment alone is my favorite out of all of them because it is for reasons like that, I do this ever year and makes it all worth it. I remember what it was like when I was a kid (maybe I still am? heh) that I was always the odd man out because while all the other girls were talking about the new Britney Spears CD I was talking about the new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! and would get the strangest looks because I had no idea what they were talking about and they had no idea what I was talking about, thus leading to awkward silence. While they were all talking about the latest fashions, I was out sitting on the sidewalk trading my Limited Edition Dark Magician Tin Hallo for some kid’s Blue Eyes White Dragon Limited Edition Hallo from one of the Dawn of the Duelist Games. While girls were writing I ❤ Justin Timberlake on their notebooks, I had Seto Kaiba 4Ever! on mine. Yes…I was that much of tomboyish nerd. The Magatron For President T-shirt I have folded up in my draw and the massive amounts of Ichigo Kurosaki stickers on my notebook are poof that I still am. Welcome to the world of Geekdom, Brittney. We are pleased to have you join our ranks.

Well, I think a look into my nerdy past was a good note to end on for today’s comment review. Thank you everyone for submitting your comments! I take each and every one to heart and it helps me know how I can improve. Stay tune because in the next few days I will be revealing the date for next years convention! Remember you can also send me your feedback and comments here on the blog, on our twitter and facebook or drop me an email from our website.


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  1. I can’t believe I never filled out one of those cards. 😦
    You did a great job this year! And next year will only be better.

    Personally, I have to disagree with the comments on the “lunch break” idea though. I don’t think it would be very beneficial to a whole lot of people. I don’t know of many conventions that do that sort of thing anyway. If you miss a panel to eat, then you miss a panel. Even if there’s a designated break period, people are still going to leave when they want to in order to go get some chow. So it seems unnecessary to me.

    If you’re concerned about your staff members getting some food, then create some sort of shift schedule for them for next year. Allowing staff members a break period to work around is much more reasonable, I think, than an entire convention.

    Just my two cents! 🙂

    • Thanks for your input Blakeley! I did think a designated eating time was a bit much since people tend to go off on their own anyways. But I think better planning for staff breaks would work much better. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you got good feedback from the cards this year! Its important to know what went well and what to improve on next time.

    I am a little nervous about you desplaying the names on the feedback cards, however. While it is nice to thank people personally, it is also nice to respect the privacy of your attendees.

    I look forward to next year!

    • I can understand that and that is why only the first names are displayed. If anyone wishes to have them removed, I will be happy to remove them to keep them anonymous. While I’m sure some people would not like to remain anonymous, I’m sure there are others who like knowing that it was their feedback card that was personally commented on. Our privacy policy is viewable on our main website and like I said, only first names are shown and if someone wants their name taken down, I will be happy to do so.

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