ASG 2011 – New Date and New Features

Greetings everyone. As promised, I’m here to announce the date for Anime SG 2011 as well as some new features and updates you can expect for the new year. In a Facebook Exclusive I let some of you take a whack at what you think next year’s date would be. Mark your calendars because Anime St. George will be celebrating it’s third year on September 24th, 2011! Congrats to Blakeley who guessed correctly. She has now been awarded a cookie point. 🙂

Even though our new date is set, I will not be putting out an official press release or an listing yet until I get the website and everything else entirely updated so don’t expect to see anything until after xmas-ish. I will, however, have everything completely finished and fully functional by mid-January when Dealer Spaces are scheduled to open. Until then, I’m going to be working on things at my leisure and enjoying a much needed vacation from work for the holidays.

A few things are going to be revamped for the 2011 year as well as I will be working on rolling out some new features. Here are a few things you can expect to see or updated:

– Anime SG Forums –
I’ve gotten some feedback recently that a discussion forum would be beneficial and something people might enjoy. I think coming into our third year, this would be a good opportunity to get one up and running. I plan on also incorporating aspects of our international cosplay group PhantomCosplay into the mix as well.

– Pre-Registration –
Pre-registration is going to be tweaked just a bit to make things more stream line at the counter when attendees. This will reduce the messy line at morning registration that we had at our recent convention. This will also reduce stress on our staff because we can pretty much just hand your badge right to you, name already printed and everything, when you turn in your PayPal recipe.

– Online Masque Registration –
Masque Registration will be tweaked a little as well to make everything easier for our judges and to eliminate the need for you to fill out any papers whatsoever at the Cosplay Registration table. From what I have heard from my Masquerade Team, the Phantom Masque itself will also be getting a bit of a make over for next year as well. Now you will be asked what kind of performance you will having for the Masque; either Fashion Walk-On, Skit, or Exhibition. Hopefully this will eliminate the million and a half emails I got from people wanting to know if they needed to do a skit or what kind of skit the should do.

– Dealer’s Hall Layout –
While looking at the full Dealer’s room a few weeks ago, I found out I made a few miscalculations on exactly how many tables that can fit in the one room. Thankfully it wasn’t an issue at all this year, but I’m going to be changing the layout just a bit this coming year to make sure that we don’t have future problems.

– Website Clean Up –
I won’t be changing the layout of the website like I had planned but I will be cleaning it up a bit and defining some aspects such as unused pages/content and other things that are just a waste of space. Just the basic shifting of content. Perhaps I will also make some updates on the RSS Feeds and other nifty things on the front page.

– Bye Bye MySpace –
Haven’t been on MySpace since January (of last year) and frankly it’s a wast of…well…space. I don’t get any hits on it, it doesn’t bring in any interest and since it’s rock bottom on my list of things to regularly update, the forum is going to take it’s place instead. I never did like myspace…facebook is so much better.

I know I promised everyone some pictures from ASG2010 and I still have a few that I need to round up. You can, however, see what we have already from the ASG2010 Galleries posted on our PhantomCosplay Group on deviantART or on our Facebook Page. As soon as I get all of them, a gallery will be posted here on the blog.


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Event Planner for Okami Promotions. Plans and coordinates various fandom conventions including: OkamiCon - Mesquite's First Anime, Comic and Gaming Convention. Anime St. George - Southern Utah's Anime Convention.

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  1. Forums would be a phenomenal idea, I think. That allows much more flexibility for communication and it would be a great resource for unique information that maybe doesn’t get displayed on the website.

    And MySpace is SOOO last year. It’s all about Facebook and Twitter. 😉

    • That’s what I thought. Forums would also give the opportunity for people to have more interaction with the staff as well as provide feedback and idea’s in real time.

      Heh, I’m glad I’m not that far behind with Myspace then. Twitter and Facebook is where it’s at and kudos to Hootsuite for letting me feed to both at the same time. >w< I don't see anything like that with myspace.

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