Anime Bonanza Blog?

So I took a peek at a new blog theme that WordPress came out with called Choco. A very nice leather and stitch theme that made me instantly think about Anime Bonanza. While I planned to keep AB news and whatnot here on ASG Blog for a while (since it is the one that’s getting all the hits), it made me begin to think that maybe it was too confusing for people who are looking for information on Anime Bonanza. While I think it is beneficial to have information about both conventions on the blog, I hate to tell people to head to Anime SG Blog when they are looking for news on Bonanza.

That is why I want your feedback! Should I start a separate blog for Anime Bonanza and link the two together or should I keep Bonanza on Anime SG until it get’s larger? Post your comments either here or on our facebook page!

Anime Bonanza Facebook
| Anime SG Facebook


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  1. I dunno. I think it would be ok to keep them the same for a while. If they need news on Bonanza you can just separate them using tags and keep a tagcloud on the sidebar. It would make it simpler for you I would think.

    • Yeah, that’s why I’ve decided to play around with the idea because I don’t actually know if it would be simpler from the fact that I don’t care to muddle the two together. I’ve started playing with something that will eventually be the Bonanza blog to just see how I like it and maybe eventually switch them over. Right now it’s just kind of up in the air at the moment.

  2. I think separate one’s would be good, personally. I just learned about the Anime bonanza, I’m excited to go, considering I’m close to it. I’m also new to twitter so it’s still a bit confusing. I think however I can figure out which parts are which for myself, if you decide not to separate things yet.

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