Anime SG Pre-Registration Open (And Other Updates)

Happy April 1st everyone! I have a slew of updates that I have been working on well. Most importantly of all though is that Pre-Registration for our 2011 Anime St. George Convention is now open and fully functional!

When: September 24th, 2011
Where: Best Western Abbey Inn, St. George, UT
Pre-Registration Price: $15.00 (includes custom badge name)
At-Door Price: $20.00
Pre-Registration open April 1st through September 1st, 2011.

Those who Pre-Register will get some special perks such as being able to skip long line to pick up their badge the morning of the con, option to have whatever they want printed on their badge and will get discount prices. With new registration practices that are being implemented and running a field test at Anime Bonanza, people who pay at the door will no longer be able to write whatever they like on their badge. While we are still working on a system, most likely we will have the staff member running registration stamp the badge upon completion of badge registration. This will help cut down on time and line wait in the long run as well as help out the staff. Pre-Registrants will also have their own separate line this time with their badges pre-made with their chosen badge name waiting for them.

Going back to Anime SG, along with getting he pre-registration form up (and making some mild changes on it from last year), the website itself got a bit of a face lift to smooth out those old unsightly wrinkles. Here is a list of the recent changes:

  • RSS Feeds (Twitter and Blog) got a complete make over. Instead of running off pure HTML they now run off of a simple java script which makes them look much prettier and more streamline.
  • Panel page was trashed and replaced with Schedule page (which that page was being used for in the first place).
  • Volunteer page was included to help encourage people to participate more in the con itself.
  • Link to Anime SG Forum was removed (the forum will soon be deleted due to inactivity).
  • About The Event was simply changed to The Event.
  • Pre-Registration form has been updated since last year. It will now require that you give your full name and a badge name. Too many people were simply giving a first name and making it hard to verify at badge pick up.
  • GRANTZ promotional banners removed.
  • Button banner for Anime Bonanza added.

I noticed while loading up the Pre-Reg forms yesterday that the site said Online Registration didn’t open until April 30th. I must have been working late when I wrote that on there because I fully intended for it to open April 1st. Think of it as a pleasant April Fools Day Treat. 😉

Before I wrap up the news for today, I would also like to say again that we are still seeking Volunteers and Panelists for Anime SG 2011. We still have some positions open on Activities Team and Masquerade Team available as well as some Panel Slots still open. Please feel free to contact me either by commenting here, on a Facebook, Twitter or through the website. The perks of being a Volunteer include a Free Badge and Free Lunch (and maybe breakfast) and Panelists will get a Free Badge. Volunteer Staff and Panel Positions are also still open for Anime Bonanza as well. Click HERE for the post regarding Volunteer Staff and Panel search on the Anime Bonanza Blog.

Also, quite a few things had been updated on the Anime Bonanza site as well. You can find the complete list up updates on the official Anime Bonanza Blog.


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Event Planner for Okami Promotions. Plans and coordinates various fandom conventions including: OkamiCon - Mesquite's First Anime, Comic and Gaming Convention. Anime St. George - Southern Utah's Anime Convention.

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