Chocoley Chocolate Review

A few weeks ago I had the luxury of trying some free samples sent to me by Chocoley, a seller gourmet chocolate ingredients and supplies. After finally finding a free moment to sit down and writing this review, I am happy to share with you all my experiences in the feasting and preparation of the products that were sent to me.

I was a bit nervous when I first opened the package that arrived to find that the goodies sent to me were ‘some assembly required.’ To be perfectly honest, I has pretty much expected a box of ready made and ready to each chocolates that I could curl up with in front of the fireplace and just indulge myself. When it comes to acutally working in the kitchen, I am completely hopeless. However, there was a wonderful set of step by step instructions included in my review packet that made my life much easier by all accounts (that and because I had my Mom’s friend, Lisa F., who is an experienced baker and chocolate maker come over and assist.)

To start off, we decided to make plain chocolate candies using the Chocoley Bada Bing Bada Boom Candy Melts in Milk Chocolate, using the candy molds that were provided. The milk chocolate melted to a fine and wonderful consistency that was perfectly smooth on one’s tongue and illustrated the high quality of the product we were using. We then poured them into the molds and let the sit out at room temperature before putting them in the refrigerator for a short time before popping them out of the molds. The candies were a bit suborn coming out, but when they finally did they were delicious!

While we sat and ate the molded candies, we decided to try the CocoaLava that was also included in the package. I am very glad that Chocoley asked me to write an honest opinion on their products because the CocoaLava warrants an honest opinion. It was down right nasty. Even after squeezing out the excess oil that had risen to the top of the bottle and after shaking thoroughly, it both looked and tasted like vegetable mixed with brown food coloring. There was no taste of cocoa in it at all and had a sickening consistency that looked nothing remotely like chocolate syrup . It was safe to say that after the first taste, no one in our group would even touch the stuff.

Despite the epic fail with the CocoaLava, the success with the model milk chocolate spurred me to try something a little more challenging: Fudge. Chocoley had provided a recipe for Five Minute Fudge in their kit which we decided we would do for this review. We also decided to do a second recipe provided by Lisa F. who was cooking with me; it was her own personal recipe. The Five Minute Fudge was made with plan Milk Chocolate and Lisa’s Fudge was made with Dark Chocolate and walnuts. All the steps were easy enough and soon we had two pans of tasty looking fudge that we set in the refrigerator to cool. However, Lisa had warned me before hand that due to the high quality of the chocolate we were using, the fudge may not solidify properly due to the fact that there may not have been enough ‘solids’ present in the chocolate melts. (It is the amount of solids in chocolate that determines its quality. Higher quality chocolate has more cocoa present in the mixture and less solids like sugar or dehydrated milk.) Sadly though, even after following Chocoley’s Five Minute Fudge recipe to the letter, the fudge did not turn out as it was suppose to. Instead of being the beautiful, pristine picture of perfect fudge listed on the page, it instead turned out more like chocolate pudding which we named “Frankenfudge.” The same mishap had also happened with Lisa’s Fudge recipe.

The last thing I would like to add to my review is the Unnamed 80% Dark Chocolate Melts that came in a little packet all by itself. I pretty much ate those all by myself the moment I opened the shipment box. They had a flavor that was almost addicting. Because they had such a high dark chocolate content, they weren’t nearly as sweet as most candies but had almost a nutty flavor to them which made them highly unique, and I think, stand out from all the rest. Epic win to the Unnamed Dark Chocolate Melts!

In the end, it was only the candy molds that had turned out well in our amazing chocolate adventures. Both the fudge and CocoaLava had both been epic fails. As for the caramel filling that was also sent to me; it is still sitting in the fridge, slowly being pecked away at whenever someone in my family has a need to satisfy their sweet tooth. All remaining chocolate melts are being eaten straight from the bag, as is. Personally, I think that is the best and only way to eat chocolate. I probably wouldn’t have even bothered trying to brave the kitchen and the stove if I knew I could eat it straight out of the bag and would have written my entire review on that. In the end, if you have experience working with chocolate, or cooking in general, you should most definitely give Chocoley a try over the craft store brands. Even if people run for the hills when they see you walking towards the kitchen like they do with me, you can always eat the chocolate melts right out of the bag!

Make sure you also check out the Chocoley website as well as their Chocoley Facebook Page!


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