Dealer Spaces Sold Out!

It is now official! All eight  dealer spaces for Anime St. George 2011 have officially been sold out!

Space was in such a large demand this year that we literally had people fighting over who would the last available space  in the dealer’s room, resulting in a race against the clock to see who would get there first. In the end, Kimber Rose swooped in and claimed the final available spot, making this her third consecutive year gracing our Dealer’s Room and Artist’s alley. Even after all that, we still had an artist who was more then happy to accept a smaller space out in the lobby and paid cash just to guarantee her spot on our Exhibitor’s List. Here is who you can look forward to seeing for this year’s Anime SG 2011:

Booth 1: Cherry Limeaid*
Booth 2: Shark Robot //
Booth 3: Shark Robot //
Booth 4: Y.A.O.I
Booth 5: Art by Kimber Rose
Booth 6: Hansha Studios
Booth 7: Gravity Doll
Booth 8: Scuttlebutt Ink
Booth 9: Anime Friendly (Located in Lobby)

*The Members of Cherry Limeaid are also our Masquerade Team again this year. Please go to their booth to sign up for the Phantom Masque and Cosplay Contest.

For those who are still looking towards selling their wares but were unable to make snag their booth at Anime St. George 2011, Dealer and Artists Spaces for Anime Bonanza 2011 are still available until July 16th.


About A x e l - F

Event Planner for Okami Promotions. Plans and coordinates various fandom conventions including: OkamiCon - Mesquite's First Anime, Comic and Gaming Convention. Anime St. George - Southern Utah's Anime Convention.

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  1. Looks exciting! Can you tell us more about ‘Gravity Doll’, ‘Y.A.O.I’, and ‘Anime Friendly’ as they don’t have web links? Thanks.

    • Here is what I know so far:

      Y.A.O.I sells artwork and little trinkets (key chains, magnates, etc.) and doesn’t actually sell Yaoi related items. One of their representatives told me their name was just used to get attention. 😛

      Anime Friendly is a local artist who has attended a few other convention and events within the area.

      As for Gravity Doll, after a quick Bing search, it seems that they sell custom clothing and accessories along the lines of a lolita boutique but I’m not exactly sure.

      Since the time that my original post was made, we also squeezed in Evo Anime which will also be featured in the lobby. They are one of our returning dealers from last year and was formally known as Zero Inc.

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