Dev Notes for Website Updates

For those who have been keeping up with the very recent posts this morning and last night, you would be aware that both Anime SG and Anime Bonanza websites where taken down for maintenance. If you were not aware and came across both websites and found broken image links and a variety of other things in total chaos, now you know why.

Both websites have undergone major changes, most of them cosmetic, a lot of them background code work and some of them to simply provide a better personal experience for our visitors. Because most of the changes were made across the board to both convention websites, I’m going to group all of the Developer Notes here in one post instead of having to write up two separate blog entries.

  • Graphics and Web
    • Falco Amadeus and Falco Alice have updated watermarks.
    • Billy Sundown watermark added.
    • Background sever cleanup of old images and obsolete pages.
    • Splash page graphics and header graphic styles have been improved and updated.
    • Okami Promotions Presents tag line has been added to splash graphics and header graphics.

      • Okami Promotions is the Event Planning and Marketing Company that organizes and hosts both Anime SG and Anime Bonanza. To help promote Okami Promotions as the rising leader in Convention Hosting and Event Planning, the tag line has been added to certain graphics on the webpages and you will be seeing more of this tag line on badges, programs, etc.
  • Services and Purchases
    • Pre-Registration Overhauled.
      • Complete Process is now more streamline and simple.
      • Instead of having to fill out a form with attendee information and then proceed through confirmation pages before proceeding to check out, you can now complete everything in two single steps.
      • Enter Badge Name and Attendee Name in the marked fields and then click Add To Cart. Add additional badges or a dealer/artist booth to your Shopping Cart and complete everything in one single transaction. No more need to fill out the same form with the same information for multiple family members for friends. No more need to go through five different pages to finish a single transaction.
        • If you filled out the form once before but DID NOT pay, you will need
          to go through this new process to get your pre-registration badges.
    • Dealer Registration Overhauled (Again)
      • Dealers can now enter their company name or booth title in the designated field before adding their booth to their Shopping Cart. This will eliminated the need for me to email them after the fact and ask how they wish to be listed. Now this information will come attached to their booth reservations.
  • Legal/Policies
    • Webpage copyright has been updated and corrected. (Anime SG)
    • Privacy Policy has been updated.
      • Obsolete clauses were removed. (Anime SG)
      • Okami Promotions replaced the respective convention names in our Privacy Policy as it is the parent company and the respective conventions are simply a hosted event.
  • Event Information

    • Masquerade Information has been updated and corrected.
    • Convention Rules and Guidelines have been changed. (Anime SG)
    • Anime SG Home Page has been updated.
    • Minor changes made to the About Us page on Anime Bonanza.

About A x e l - F

Event Planner for Okami Promotions. Plans and coordinates various fandom conventions including: OkamiCon - Mesquite's First Anime, Comic and Gaming Convention. Anime St. George - Southern Utah's Anime Convention.

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