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The kind folks over at contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to write a review about them for our Cosplay Resources page. They were even nice enough to send us a few items so we can review them first hand and then raffle them off to participants at our upcoming OkamiCon 2012.

Unlike most cosplay and costuming websites that are located overseas, is based locally in the United States. While they may not carry many costumes that specialize in Eastern anime and fandom (Final Fantasy, Bleach, Black Butler, etc.), they do offer a wide variety of costumes that are more western oriented (Star Wars, Mario, Halo). There appears seemingly endless choices for those looking for a Wester Cosplay genre. Also, those focusing on more of an Eastern Anime Cosplay will defiantly find useful accessories and costume add-ons.

Cosplay Resources

Because of the great deal of content that has to offer, I will be breaking this review up into sections to cover it all.

– Costumes –
HC has great deal to offer in the way of costume choices for men, woman, teens and children. Even when you are expecting your own little bouncy baby Otaku, you can still find a few reasons to dress up with their Maternity section. Costumes have a bit of a ‘Halloween costume’ look to them which is understandable (being that it is called but they do present a good amount of accuracy for TV / Movie designs, and they all have an affordable price. If you are looking for something a more detailed, they also offer an entire furry Chewbaca (Star Wars) outfit and a full armor Commander Chief (Halo) outfit for those with a bit of bucks to drop. They also have some truly adorable outfits for children.

– Accessories –
The bread and butter for every cosplayer is the accessories. Even if you already have your cosplay in hand, you may still be looking for those last finishing touches such as shoes, jewelry or those hard to find stripped stockings. Been trying to look for a decent pair of “Vash the Stampede” glasses for a Trigun cosplay? Look no further because they have them and only for 3.99! It may take a little hunting to find what you want since not everything is listed in a menu section, but when that happens, the search bar can be your best friend. The show section is a great place to find those hard to find period style shoes, particularly for Black Butler cosplays.  The Sexy Vampire Shoes would be perfect for a Madam Red outfit or Child Black Patent Boots for a Ciel Phantomhive outfit.

– Wigs –
The wig section offers something a little different then what you will see on most cosplay oriented websites. Unlike the Eastern websites that feature both base and pre-styled character wigs, HC offers a variety of both, again targeted more towards the Western market and for generic costumes. However, with over 200 wig choices, the creative possibilities are nearly endless and styles can be easily crossed over to an Eastern style anime cosplay. Child Batty Princess is the perfect wig to compliment The Sexy Vampire Shoes for a Madam Red Cosplay and the Elf Warrior Wig  is the perfect non-copyrighted-infringing way of saying “This wig is made for a Link Cosplay!”  All wigs are well priced with most of them not going over $20.00. The pre-styled wigs look good and accurate towards their intended character.

– Product Review –
I had the pleasure of reviewing a few products first hand that HC was kind enough to send me for this review. I have also included photos of each product in action as well as the link to where you can find it yourself on

Madd Hatter Top Hat 2Mad Hatter Top Hat
I fell in love with this hat the moment I saw it. Not so much because I am a fan of the new Alice in Wonderland movie, but because I saw the cross-over possibilities it presented. This is the most positively perfect hat for any Steam Punk fan! Combine this hat with the pair of round “Vash” style sunglasses you are ready to board the next clockwork airship leaving port.  The inside of the hat is also adjustable with elastic and Velcro so there is no worry about if your head is too small (or too big) for it to fit properly.
Images:  [x][x]

White Petticoat Preview 4White Knee Length Petticoat
My sister has an Alice in Wonderland outfit we had her try on with this petticoat and the difference between the before and after was amazing. People do not often realize the drastic difference in the look of a costume until they have a little tulle under the skirt. The White Knee Length Petticoat was well made and just long enough to poof all of the skirt but short enough to be hidden just under it.
Images:  [x] [x][x]

Red Satin Petticoat and Pill PurseSatin Trim Red Petticoat
The Trim Petticoats are made the same way and with the same quality as the White Knee Length Petticoat but is quite a bit shorter and has more of a mini-skirt style. In fact, for the modeling picture we took, it is actually worn as a mini-skirt with shorts underneath of it. It just goes to show the versatility of the petticoat.

Nurse Pill Purse
The Nurse Pill Purse is a cute little accessory, especially if you are going to be doing an Injection Fairy Lily cosplay. The purse is completely hollow on the inside with a soft felt lining and is the perfect size for stashing away your convention cash for the dealer’s room and some granola bars so you don’t starve in between panels. If you pair it with the Satin Trim Red Petticoat like we did in this picture, you will have yourself a great outfit.
Images:  [x]

Zelda Shield Preview 1Zelda Wooden Shield
No Link cosplay is complete without Link’s signature Tri-Force shield. One of two Tri-Force shields that HC offers as part of their Legend of Zelda category, the one we got to play with is the more affordable wooden version (the other being plastic with embossed detailing). As far as shields go, this is a grand deal for the cosplayer on a budget who doesn’t want to skimp out on detailing. The design looks like it airbrushed on using a stencil and the paint has a bit of a metallic look so it looks more like steel. On the back is a cloth strap and plastic handle for easy holding and a wall mount for easy hanging. We had so much fun playing with this Link Shield, instead of just taking pictures we ended up filming a short film which is planned to turn into a three part parody series.
Images:  [x][x][x]
The Legend of Hyrule: [x]

For those of you, who would like to get your hands on some of these fantastic items and more, make sure you come to OkamiCon 2012 because they will be raffled off at the end of the day. Thanks again to for donating the items to our raffle and giving us the joy of reviewing their website and products.

– The Verdict –
They are defiantly recommended and worth checking out; especially if you are looking for a Western cosplay or accessories to top of your Eastern cosplay. My mother plans on buying my younger sister an outfit from them and I will most likely buy from them myself in the future.


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