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Developers Dairy – August 2012

Hey everyone!
If you have been on our website recently ( you may have noticed that everything has been updated and the layout is now featuring a completely new design. For those who are interested, here is a list of all the changes made:

Design & Layout

  • Lighter color scheme implemented
  • All graphics change to follow “Ink Splat” design
  • Menu relocated to the side bar
  • Mouse over on link effect
  • Social Media buttons added under side bar menu


  • Special Programing Page added
    • This page will feature special programing such as video game tournaments, demos, and other notable activities.
  • Volunteers Page Removed
  • Schedule Page updated (Includes Programing Schedule and Screening Schedule)
  • Masquerade Page Updated (Includes Online Masquerade Registration)
  • Contact Us form changed so that people may submit questions/comments for OkamiCorner via email

Other Notes

  • Twitter Button on side bar leads to OkamiCon Twitter instead of Anime SG. However, Anime SG is still streamed to the front page until we officially change over to OkamiCon Utah.
  • Advertising Link for some reason will not open in new tab in Fire Fox. The issue is currently being looked into. You may still open it in a new tab manually in Fire Fox and it has no problems opening in Internet Explorer.
  • Masquerade Online signups have been extended until September 15th. You can still always sign up at the convention as always.





Developer Dairy: January 2012

Here are all the updates that have been made to the Anime SG and OkamiCon website//blog for January 2012.

~Anime SG Updates~

  • Dealers and Artist Registration now open (More info on this tomorrow.)
  • The two booths in the lobby from last year will be made available for purchase this year as Lobby Exclusives.
  • Dealer//Artist Map updated.
  • Header image size has been fixed (it was off by two pixels and looked a little fuzzy).
  • Home linked fixed on Dealers page.
  • Homepage Twitter widget changed from RSS Include widget to official Twitter widget.
  • Guests page updated on blog and website. (See Announcement)

~OkamiCon Updates~

  • Contests Page added.
  • Program Cover Design Contest added.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament Signups added to Tabletop Games page (website) and TCG Tournaments page (blog).
  • Guests Page updated on blog and website. (See Announcement)
  • New Blog Theme.
  • Facebook and Twitter widget added to blog.


That’s all for tonight! Stay tune for more announcements coming tomorrow!

Developer Dairy: December 2011

Hey Everyone! Here is the Anime SG Developer Dairy for December 2011 with all of the new chances that have been put out in preparation for the new convention season!

~ The Blog ~
I am sure you have noticed by now that the Anime SG blog has been given a complete make over. We are now sporting a new theme in gray and lime green with our familiar “Falco Ink Splat” background in darker hues. Also, this new theme is very social network friendly so links to our RSS Feeds, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are all linked for you at the top as well as Twitter and Facebook streaming live on the side panel.

In addition to the new look, all information regarding the convention have been fully updated and new pages have been created to cover everything from event information to hotel booking. While you may not be able to do things such as pre-register or register for a dealer’s booth here on the blog, most of the information here is reflected from the main website. I also plan on keeping it more up-to-date from now on.

For those who are looking for the Cosplay Resources Page, you can now find it under Programming – Masquerade –  Cosplay Resources. The links should have updated themselves so most people will not have a hard time finding it even though they would have the old URL.

~ The Website ~
All information regarding Anime St. George 2012 is now loaded up on the website. The only thing I have yet to change is the Browser Header but I will get to that shortly.  Some more specific changes are:

  • Link to Okami Promotions Youtube Channel Added on Splash // Homepage.
  • Exhibitors link changed back to Dealers.
  • Only Masquerade Registration will reopen for this convention year on July 1st, 2012.
  • New information added in Hotel Booking for those traveling from afar.

I still see a few things that need changing but they are mostly little cosmetic things that have a tendency to bother the hell out of me now that I just noticed them. Chances are most people won’t event see them but I do….0_o

Enjoy the new updates and I hope everyone has a pleasant holiday season!

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