Convention Guidelines

Regarding Weapons/Props
No real weapons such as steal swords, working firearms and open flames are allowed. All weapons are subject to inspection and peace binding by convention staff and hotel security.

Regarding Cosplay Costumes
Please keep your costume PG-13. All of the “important” things that need to be covered please have them covered appropriately. If you have any question about your cosplay, please contact our staff.

Regarding Photography
Any photographs or videos of attendees taken by Anime SG Staff in an official manner may be used or published by Anime SG without further consent of the attendees being photographed or recorded. The taking of photographs and videos by convention Attendees are allowed in most public areas of the convention. However, some event areas and areas of the hotel may restrict photography and video-recording. Photography and video-recording is strictly prohibited in the Anime SG Screening Room.

Regarding Underage Attendees
All Attendees under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Anime SG and the Best Western Abbey Inn are not responsible nor will be held liable for any minor children left unattended at the event or the hotel.

Regarding Badges and Hand Stamps
Your Anime SG badge must be visible on you at all times. All registered attendees will receive both the official badge and have their hand stamped at the time of registration or check-in. You must have both a badge and a hand stamp. If you are in possession of a badge, but not a hand stamp, your badge will be marked invalid by convention staff. If you have a hand stamp, but not a badge, you will be asked by convention staff to have your badge visible on you. If you have lost your badge, please inform convention staff immediately.

Regarding Cleanliness
Please make sure you clean up after any mess you make at our convention. Trashcans will be made available to you so please use them. It is also wise to remember to shower and bath before the convention either early the morning of or the night before.

Regarding “Glomping”
Please respect other people’s personal space. If you want personal contact ASK FIRST! DO NOT JUST RUN UP AND HUG THEM! People have a right to report being unwontedly hugged or glomped to our staff members and we have a right to give the violator a warning and then ask them to leave if they continue the offense.

Regarding Signs
We don’t care if you have signs as long as they are legible and do not offend other people. Please keep these signs PG-13 if you do have them. Remember though, if we find it inappropriate, we get to keep it.

Regarding Safety/Lost Items
Please no rough housing and abusing hotel property. Anime SG, its convention staff, volunteers and the Best Western Abbey Inn are not responsible for injuries or lost items.

Be Respectful
Please be respectful to all those who attend and work this convention, the hotel staff and other hotel guests.

We reserve the right to ask violators of these rules to leave without refund.


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