Below are the Rule and Guidelines for the Anime SG Phantom Masque. Please note that these go alongside the basic convention rules and guidelines. The first 25 Entries will be accepted to the Masquerade and Cosplay Contest (Unless otherwise stated).

Masquerade Online Signups will be available starting July 1st, 2012.

Time Limit
The time limits for skits are three (3) minutes long. If you require an extension, please speak to the members of the Masquerade Team for approval. No more than one (1) minute extension will be granted. If you’re skit exceeds the time limit, then your performances will be cut short by staff.

Family Friendly Masquerade
Anime St. George strives to be a family friendly event and fun for everyone. If your skit is deemed inappropriate while on stage by staff members, you will either be given a warning or the ‘plug will be pulled’ depending on the severity of the action.

Types of Performance
We offer three different types of performances for you to do at the Phantom Masque. You can enter as a Theatrical Vignette (Skit), Fashion Walk-On or as an Exhibition (non-competitive) entry. You will be asked to choose one at costume registration.

Audio Submissions
If you have music or audio for your skit, please provide it to the Masquerade Team Staff before 2:00PM on the day of the convention. Please have all audio submitted on either a CD, MP3 player or Flash drive in MP3 format. All audio will be played ‘as is’.

Cosplay Judging
When you Register for the Phantom Masque, the judges will either judge your cosplay right there or will set up a time for you to come back later in the day for your costume judging. Your cosplay will be judged using a point system. Your cosplay will be scored on a scale of 1 to 10 based off of 8 different factors which are:

Wig/Hair Styling
Character Personification
Stage Performance

A total of 80 points is the most that can be award to a contestant. Please note that if you do not provide a reference picture of the character you are cosplaying, this could effect on how the judges score you for Accuracy. The Judges cannot be expected to know every character ever created.

Award Placement
The top three highest scoring contestants will be awarded First, Second and Third Place and be awarded a prize for their placement. The judges may also award Honorable Mentions to any other notable cosplay that deserves recognition.

Please note that the rules and guidelines are subject to change, if changed an announcement will be made via our Social Media Networks.


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