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OkamiCorner Episode 8: Peaches and Cosplay

OkamiCorner is back and this time, A x e l – F is cosplay for Peach Days 2012!


URL Redirect Update

Alrighty Everyone. Here is an important update regarding our website URL redirection.

Up until this point, both and have been leading to the same web page which is our Official Anime St. George Convention Website. It really hasn’t mattered which one you type in even though animesg.NET was more or less our main one that we advertised and animesg.COM was just…there.

Now we are going to mix things up a bit! While AnimeSG.NET will be staying the same (since it gets the most hits and links back to that URL) the redirection for animesg.COM has changed. From now on, AnimeSG.COM is going to go straight to the blog that you are reading now. This is to help bring more hits to the blog, help people remember the URL to the blog as well as balance things out a little bit more. The Blog banner has been changed to say .NET URL instead of the .COM to help people find the main website.

A great deal of the information that can be found on the main website is also here on the blog for quick reference although you will need to still go to the main website for registration, and the more detailed info about the convention. I will, however, try to keep the pages here on the blog as much as a mirror of the main website as I can. You can also find links to the main site as well as our Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking sites on the Linkage area on the side bar. 🙂

*Crickets* We are still here…

Hello Everyone, just giving a post so you know that we are still alive and kickin’!

Nothing much has been happening lately. Our Twitter profile has been getting a massive amount of followers recently; we are now up to 53 followers and have been getting about one or two new followers a day. I’ve also sent a few more invites to our Anime St. George 2010 Con Event Page on Facebook as well. If you would like to RSVP for our event on FaceBook, the link can be found HERE. Also make sure you Become a Fan of our Anime SG FaceBook Page as well for all the latest updates on what’s happening with the con, blog, and our Phantom Cosplay Group!

Not much to update besides that. I myself did a follow up on a few people over the weekend such as dealers and possible guests. Next week, I’ll be working on getting the Pre-Registration page up for April 1st. We are expected a pretty good pre-reg crowed this year. 🙂

November Begins!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates yet. Now that the Halloween Rush is over, it’s time to settle back down to life again.

Rhies comment yesterday asking how the Corn Maze was. It was pretty cold and there was quite a few people there but it was fun nonetheless. The whole thing was rather humorous. Karson is a bit of a ‘fraidy cat and tends to crack jokes about everything to take the edge off while me…I’m just not scared about anything in a rubber mask. In fact…*cough* a few people got flipped the bird from me. The guy who didn’t blare this car horn on the group that was in front of us but waited until we were RIGHT in front of him to let it rip and just about made our ears bleed. Also the guy who ran up with a chain saw right in my face so I got a lung full of diesel crap. Yes….both of them got flipped the bird. I don’t know if either of them saw it, but it was there. 😛

….What? They said we couldn’t cuss. They never said anything about anything hand gestures. Heh.  Either way it was a fun evening and we plan of making it a tradition of going every year from now on.


As for the Fannatiku Rocktober…it was interesting. We stayed about 45mins or so, mingled, had our pictures taken and tried to win stuff in the raffle. Even though it was only about 9:45 by the time we left, things started winding down and they where just going to watch more J-rock videos. It was supposedly going to go until about 10:30 or 11:00 but we have short attention spans and  require constant entertainment or shiny objects. Nat did allow me to get up and give a report of our ASG Con and plug-in next year’s convention which was nice. We will also be having a half page ad in the Fannatiku Fest event which I’m hoping will bring in some new people to our con as well as interest more dealers and artists. We already have an artists pair who already wants a booth on reserve for our Sept 25th Con.

So far we have been getting a good response on our new date. Because so much does happen in the October Month in St. George and the nearby areas, a lot of people are free now to come to our  September Convention. It’s right after Anime Vegas so people are still on their anime high from that con and before Anime Banzai and homecoming. Both Karson and I are very excited for the ASG 2010 Con. It’s nice to have a breather for the holidays but I can’t until we open up Dealer Registration at the first of the year and Pre-Registration a few months after.


Oh yes…I almost forgot…Twilight: New Moon comes out this month if I remember right. Don’t me wrong, I’m a fan of the books. I love the story, however…the movies…..not so much. I find them quite comical actually and they are just so too easy to make fun of. I will be seeing New Moon simply I wanna see shirtless wolf men and the transformation graphics look pretty good. That and my Daddy got me free tickets. Heh.

So there is a little bit of me making fun of Twilight the Movies. The Books Rock. The Movies pretty much suck. Even tho I will most likely go see all of them for the hell of it.

Crashing Anime Fannatiku “Rocktober”

Well, I saw that Nat posted on the Anime Utah forums about Their Anime Fannatiku “Rocktober” party they will be hosting October 30th at the Hurricane Public Library. After much deliberation my friend Karson and I decided that we are going to attend for just the hell of it. Maybe mess with the Fannatiku Members just a little bit since they already don’t like us. >:3

Even though we won’t get there until later in the evening we will be dressing up as well in Vampire Knight outfits. Karson will be going as Zero and I will be going as the eccentric Head Master Cross. Antics are sure to arise from this devilish pair! If you wish to come down and see us, here is the below information from their post:

When: October 30th 6pm-10pm
Where: Hurricane Library 36 south 300 west Hurricane Utah 84737
Why: To Rock, and spread the Jrock love!

Why they are having the party the day BEFORE Halloween I will never know. However, this is good for us since we are planning to attend the Halloween Ball at the DSC on the 31st and wear our GOOD Halloween costumes. Heh

(highlight to read)

So anyways, come see us just for the hell of it! We’ll be there around 8:30ish or so since Karson doesn’t get out work until late and he needs to pick me up since my house is on the way. Then if you want more fun, come see us at the College Dance the next day! I’ll be going as a pretty little Gothic Lolita Witch. >w<

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