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Official Date For Anime St. George 2010 Con!

It hasn’t even been a week since ASG 09 Con and yet people have already been chomping at the bit for us to announce the date for Anime St. George 2010.

Well, we are now proud to announce the official date for our next convention: Anime St. George 2010 Convention will be taking place at the Best Western Abbey Inn on September 25th 2010!

You heard it here first! Over the next few days I’ll be updating the Convention blog pages as well as the main website with all of the new updated information. Dealers and Artists Registration will be open at the First of the Year of 2010 and for those who come in from out of town, we also have some hotel rooms available at discount convention price so I will make sure to update that information first thing.

We are set to have a great convention this year and an official Press Release of our dates will be made shortly. Until then, we look forward to your comments and can’t wait to see you! If you don’t follow us on Twitter you should! It will help you stay updated on all of our latest blog posts and con info!


ASG 2010 In Planning Stages

Yes, you read right. Anime St. George 2010 is now planning stages. We have been getting all kinds of comments on Facebook and Twitter from all our fans begging us to announce the date of next years con. I’m happy to tell you that you won’t have to wait too incredibly long. ^_^

Even though we already have a date in mind, we are not announcing it until we set everything up with the hotel just in case there are some complications with it. I highly doubt that this will be the case on account we are doing it all a year in advance but the worst thing you can do is announce something and then change it. Just to throw you all a bone though, it WILL be at the Best Western Abbey Inn again and I’ll give you a little riddle to drive you crazy:

-It will be AFTER AnimeVegas
-It will be BEFORE AnimeBanzai
-It will NOT be on Homecoming Weekend.

I swear….I didn’t know that our last con was on homecoming weekend. I never go to homecoming so I had no idea until like…a month before the convention. Oh well….we still had a kick ass time anyways. Have a fun time trying to figure out that riddle. o_~

As for other spoilers…it is too soon to say. We’ll announce everything once we have it solidified. For now, just toil over what I have given you. Heheh….

Thanks for Attending ASG 2009!

Thanks everyone for attending Anime St. George 2009 Convention! We had a great turn out for our first convention and we have decided to come back for a second go in 2010! Dealer Pre-Registration will be opening at the first of the year and we will be announcing when we are opening Pre-Registration for Attendees.

A Special Thank you to Best Western Abbey Inn for having us and to our Dealers who attended as well!

Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time and we got some pictures and video’s to share with you! Angela Hughes uploaded some convention pictures for us as well as some videos from our most popular panel the Anime Dating Game. If you have any pictures you would like to share, please send them to us by either commenting here our tweeting the links to me on Twitter!

My brain is still fried to a nice golden crisp so I will get the Cosplay Panel overview up as soon as I get the time and my brain back into working order. The Cosplay Resources links and reviews are up now though.

We are updating the main website as new information for Anime St. George 2010 Con comes in as well as this blog and twitter regularly so remember to check back for updates! There will always be something new on here! We hope you all had a great time and come again next year!

Convention Mud Slinging…

Well…Steve Nunez (Warky T. Chocobo) decided that if Yamlia Abraham wasn’t coming, then he wasn’t either. I’m sad to see that he wants to let troubles with another guest effect his own attendance. Apparently he informed me this morning that we were in the wrong to post why we where canceling Yamlia on our blog and he won’t come unless we “apologize” for canceling here and putting her in the public eye.

All I have to say is that we stand by our right to cancel her and that she was in the public media looong before we had anything to do with it. *rolls eyes* We will still have one kick ass convention though, even if 200 of our programs now show a guest that we no longer have attending. The announcement will be made at Opening Ceremonies as well corrections will be posted in the lobby.

Have no fear! We will just find something else! Part of having a convention is having to think on your toes. I’m sure we can find some way to fill the space that would have Warky other wise. Perhaps another Game show type thing? Extended panels? We’ll come up with something. ❤

Programs and Posters and Panels, Oh My!

Hey everyone. Sorry for not updating as much as I should. Thinks have been CRAZY since Friday. If you haven’t read the last post I made then you should know that we have canceled Yamlia Abraham as a guest due to the fact that she is currently under criminal investigation by the FBI and that really isn’t good publicity for a young and upcoming con. We still do have Warky T. Chocobo coming so it’s going to be a great event all the same. 🙂

There is so much to do and there doesn’t seem like enough to do it. I got 150 programs printed and put together last night as well as finished the dealers’ and staff badges. I gave Karson another 50 programs to finish while he’s at work as well as him put together a Dealer’s Welcome Packet, make booth numbers and put letters on a banner. I myself still have to work on more programs, another banner AND I totally forgot that I have to work on a cosplay panel and talk to the hotel again. x_x

I know it’s only Monday but it’s just so crazy. I know I’ll have it done. I just have to sort it all out in my head first and figure out what I’m going to do first. Good news is that I got my cosplay done though. ❤

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