Fan Panelist

Fan Panelists are a big part of the convention scene. While Guest and Industry Panels may be the peanut butter and jelly of a convention, it is the Fan Panels that is the ice cold milk that helps you wash it all down. It is fans like you, who help contribute to our programing schedule by hosting fandom panels of your own creation for all to enjoy! Best part is you get a free convention pass out of the deal!

If you are interested in hosting a panel for OkamiCon, please contact us and we will talk over the details of the schedule with you and review your panel overview.

With your email, please include your name, age and the panels you would like to host. Also include a detailed summery of your panel(s) that you would like to host along with how long the panels will run. The event organizer may request additional information regarding your panels.

Please keep in mind that not all panels will be accepted for inclusion in our programing schedule.

All Volunteers and Panelist must be 18 years or older to volunteer at an Okami Promotions event and have proper identification and proof of age.


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