If you would like to submit an application to become a Volunteers Staff, please contact us with the following information:

Desired Position:
Second Desired Position:
Convention Experience:

Convention Experience is not necessary but just gives us an idea of what to expect and perhaps what job you position we should assign you. We love all new comers and seasoned convention staffers!

Volunteer Staff Perks Include:
-Lunch Provided
-Free Convention Badge

Team Positions
Team Positions are vitals of the convention. These team members will put their time in for the day in exchange for the staff perks. There will be one team captain assigned to each team and a team leader assigned to oversee all staff teams.

Activities Team
Activities Team helps coordinate and host various activities including opening and closing ceremonies, game panels and raffle.

Security Team
The Security Team will help maintain crowd control and peace through the convention as well as peace binding as needed. They are also responsible for ‘babysitting’ the screening room.

Masquerade Team
The Masquerade team will be responsible for organizing the Bonanza Masque and maintaining the Cosplay Registration Table. They may also be required to ask questions regarding appropriateness of costumes and may direct people to Security Team for peace binding.

Support Team
Supporting Staff members have no set team or duties and handle all the odd job. They work in assisting the other team members and help out where they are needed.

All Volunteers and Panelist must be 18 years or older to volunteer at an Okami Promotions event and have proper identification and proof of age.


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